Monday, July 2, 2018

My Momentous Month | June 2018

So, I used to post these at the end of every month since I started my blog, but I just realized I haven't posted one since February of 2016! I've decided to bring back the monthly feature. If you're interested in joining, you can put the URL in the comments! I'd love to get others to join in. 

ANYWAYS. My Momentous Month is a monthly feature for me to look back on what I've done the past month. 

Books Read:
*Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith
*Little Moments of Love
*The Road Between by Courtney Peppernell
*Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp
*Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
*#MurderTrending by Gretchen McNeil
*Violent Ends
*Phoebe Will Destroy You by Blake Nelson
*Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

Favorite Book of the Month:

Favorite Cover of the Month:

What I've Been Watching: 
*Queer Eye, Season 2: I've been marathoning this with my roommate and it is so great. I loved season 1 so much. I only have two episodes left of season 2, so sad!

*The Vampire Diaries, Seasons 6-8: I finished this show finally this month. It was great, and I cried for a solid 20 minutes after season 8 ended. Such a great show.

*The Originals: I'm halfway through season 1 of this now. It's a very different dynamic than The Vampire Diaries, but I still love it just because I'm obsessed with Klaus. 

*Jane the Virgin, Season 4: I've been finally watching season 4 of Jane the Virgin. I forgot how much I love this show!

What I've Been Listening To:
*The New Panic at the Disco album: I'm actually only obsessed with like a quarter of this album. Their sound has changed so much. 

July 2018 TBR:
*Renegades by Marissa Meyer
*Warcross by Marie Lu
*Whiskey Words and a Shovel volume 1 by R.H. Sin
*Sanctuary by Caryn Lix
*Copycat by Hannah Jayne
*Ruin of Stars by Linsey Miller
*Nyxia Unleashed by Scott Reintgen

How was your June? What're your plans for July?


  1. I love the cover of #MurderTrending. Have a great July! I hope you get your whole TBR read.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. It's been forever since I've read a Gretchen McNeil novel but I really want to check out #murdertrending. I hope you enjoy Warcross! I loved that book!

  3. I can't believe being a Tahereh Mafi fangirl and I haven't had the chance to read Restore Me as yet. I've been swamped by books over the last few months but really need to squeeze in a read. I've been a but hesitant because I loved the original series so much that it might not live up to my expectations. I'll be hanging for that Warcross review though, we've got really similar tastes in most books and I've always been a bit iffy whether I'd enjoy it ♥♥♥

  4. Yay for Jane the Virgin. I absolutely love that show. I've been meaning to get to Warcross since its release. I hope you enjoy it! Happy July.

  5. Lot of heavy reads there. I would have to break that up with some fluff. =)
    I am determined to read Restore Me before the end of this year. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  6. I still need to read the rest of the Shatter Me series. 😅 I'm glad you enjoyed Restore Me though! I never knew about #Murdertrending until The Belles and Brujas your, then requested a copy. 😅

    Hope you have a great July! 🤗

  7. #MurderTrending has such a cool cover. I've never seen Jane the Virgin but my mom and sister have been telling me to see it so we can talk about it.

    I hope you have a wonderful July!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  8. I totally agree about Panic's new album. I'm liking a few more songs as I listen to it more, but I'm still missing their Fever You Can't Sweat Out days. And hope you love Warcross! I thought it was brilliant! Wonderful post! :)


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