Sunday, July 1, 2018

Meet My SBPT Buddy, Paige! | Interview

Hey guys! This summer, I'm participating in the Summer Blogger Promo Tour put together by the lovely bloggers over at The Book Bratz.  My buddy for the summer is Paige who is the awesome blogger behind Pop the Butterfly. Basically, Paige and I are going to take turns posting every week and really spread the blogger love! This week, I have an interview with Paige to help you guys get to know you better. 

K: What got you into reading?
P: Reading has always been that solace in my world of chaos. I don't recall a time I didn't have a book, but I do owe a lot of my love of reading to my parents. They pushed me to challenge my reading and always surrounded the house with books. They never dissuaded me from reading anything and even read with me sometimes. 

K: Why'd you originally create your blog?
P: I created it because of the word count limit on Instagram. I couldn't write reviews as lengthy as I wanted to. With a blog I can write as much as I want!

K: If you could have dinner with one author, which author would it be and why?
P: Uhhhh probably R.L. Stine. I find him severely underappreciated and I love his older and newer series. I'm also a bit of a horror fanatic. I love being scared.

K: Do you prefer series or stand-alones? Why?
P: It really depends on my mood but I love stand-alones at the moment. I feel I start too many series and then never finish them. 

K: What's your favorite book you've read?
P: Oh I hate this question lol. I don't like to choose favorites because I have moods. Currently I'm really liking Illuminae, but another contender for favorite book has been Orleans by Sherri L. Smith.

K: If you could have a book character as a best friend, who would it be and why?
P: I'd love to have Hermione as a friend. I just want someone to chill on the couch and read with. I think she would be the perfect companion for that.

K: What form of social media do you use most for your blog?
P: I heavily connect my blog and my bookstagram, but I post Goodreads updates on it and post to Facebook and Twitter from it.

K: Who's your favorite book character couple?
P: Probably Ezra and Kady. They have this understanding about each other and this chemistry that works really well. They're a more realistic YA couple in my opinion than most. 

K: When did you start your blog?
P: I started it in February 2017 I believe. And I think my first post was a review of Red Riding Hood.

K: If you could make any one series longer, what series would it be?
P: Illuminae. We need to know more about how they brought civilization back and the aftermath of the trial. 

I hope you guys had fun taking the time to get to know Paige! Be sure to stop by her blog because the next post will be posted there a week from today!


  1. The Illuminae Files love is so strong - yeah! I am impressed Paige could name a favorite, because I could not.

  2. Nice interview! It would be nice to know more about the aftermath of the Illuminae series. And I loved KAdy & Ezra as well.


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