Friday, July 27, 2018

Adultolescence by Gabbie Hanna | Review

34828719Title: Adultolescence
Author: Gabbie Hanna
Publisher: Atria/Keywords Press
Release Date: September 9, 2017

Comedian Gabbie Hanna brings levity to the twists and turns of modern adulthood in this exhilarating debut collection of illustrated poetry.
In poems ranging from the singsong rhythms of children's verses to a sophisticated confessional style, Gabbie explores what it means to feel like a kid and an adult all at once, revealing her own longings, obsessions, and insecurities along the way. Adultolescence announces the arrival of a brilliant new voice with a magical ability to connect through alienation, cut to the profound with interest slang, and detonate wickedly funny jokes between moments of existential dread. You'll turn to the last page because you get her, and you'll return to the first because she gets you.
 -what i liked-
  • It's poetry! I'm a huge poetry fan lately, and this poetry was even accompanied by awesome illustrations from Gabbie Hanna herself.
  • It's written by TheGabbieShow from YouTube. I love watching her videos. She's extremely funny, relatable, and down-to-earth. It was fun getting to see inside her mind, and to be honest, she writes some pretty great poems. 
  • There are lots of relatable pieces. I found myself being able to relate to more of the poems than I thought I would.
  • It's an easy, quick read. Because it's poetry, it can be read through pretty fast. I definitely know it's one that I'm going to pick up again eventually. 

-what i disliked-
  • I wish there was more! I hope that she writes more in the future.


  1. I've been meaning to read this book ever since Gabbie put it out. I love her videos and her personality/humor. I also really enjoy reading poetry. Thanks for sharing your review.


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