Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Harry Potter | Book Tag

Hey guys! I saw this tag over at Inge's blog Of Wonderland and I knew that I wanted to do it too! So, I made myself some graphics and wrote up this post! Enjoy!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban // I always felt like this novel gave the most information out of all the books. I also just love the whole story about Sirius Black and learning everything about The Marauder's Map. I do wish that the ending of the book was portrayed more in the movie though!

michael scott steve carell gif

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix // I always liked this movie because it introduced Luna Lovegood and I always thought that she was expertly portrayed! Plus, this is when the battle against Voldemort starts to get pretty serious.

harry potter humor gif
I'm honestly laughing way too hard at this gif.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince // I always felt like nothing really happened in this book. I felt like it was kind of just a segway into the actual ending.

harry potter comedy severus snape gif
On the bright side, it included lots about Severus.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince // See above answer for reasoning.

daniel radcliffe harry potter gif

I was honestly never sad throughout this whole series until the last movie. Yes, apparently I am that good at keeping myself together. I basically broke down after I saw Hogwarts all going into ruins because of the battle.

battle of hogwarts harry potter gif

Draco Malfoy or young Tom Riddle // I guess I've got a thing for the guys from the dark side.

black and white perfect person gif
pitch perfect harry potter gif

Luna Lovegood // She was just such a different character from everyone else so I always found her to be really inspiring!

haters gonna hate luna lovegood gif

Wormtail // I don't know why but whenever I see him I get shivers.

then there were none peter pettigrew gif
Just look at him. How are you not scared and getting the shivers!?

I don't know how to answer this one because I honestly don't have a least favorite line!

merry christmas happy holidays gif

My patronus would probably be an owl because I always stay up super late at night. Get it? I'm a night OWL.

it moves hedwig gif

I'd want the invisibility cloak because it would be super fun to go around and listen in on conversations.

invisibility cloak invisibility gif

Pottermore says I'm a Slytherin!

everyday i'm slytherin harry potter gif

I think I'm going to have to go ahead and say Emma Watson. She's just such an incredible actress and I've loved her in all her parts besides just Hermione Granger.

hermione granger ask emma watson gif

I think that I'd be a Beater. In pretty much every sport that I've played I've been a defensive midfielder, and Beater is pretty much defense in Quidditch, so yeah. I'd be a Beater.

transparent harry potter transparent quidditch gif

I honestly was happy with the ending! I haven't heard anyone say that they weren't. However, I do wish that Luna and Neville got together.

neville longbottom luna lovegood gif

Harry Potter was pretty much the first series that I read all the way through. I started reading them in third grade during school and I remember reading the seventh one on the way to and from school every day in fifth grade. I even used to reread the whole series every single summer. It is definitely a big part of my reading history.

hermione granger luna lovegood gif

How would you guys answer these questions?


  1. I might have to do this tag. I love Harry Potter. It’s hard to choose, but I think Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book. It’s the one that got me hooked on the series.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I need to do a complete reread. I have never done that. In fact, I am ashamed to say that I have only read the last two books once. I love this tag. I need to do it some time. :)

  3. I really need to reread this series! I powered through the first time because I had just watched the movies and I wanted to know if the books were better (I know, I know, it's in the wrong order!). Luna is such a cool character :) I was actually really happy with the ending too which is why I don't really want to read CC. It ended with just the right amount of mystery and happily ever after!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  4. Too many of these gifs made me lol :D :D :D

  5. Yay, a Harry Potter book tag! Prisoner of Azkaban is such a great book, I think it's here where Rowling took the series to another level. An owl as a patronus is super cute. I love that Michael Scott gif by the way. Great answers!

  6. Love this post! I am reading series now so I loved reading this even more lol.

  7. I mean, young Tom Riddle was definitely dishy. I remember being really angry when they didn't cast him again for Half-Blood Prince because I had lost my eye candy hahaha!

    I feel you on Neville/Luna, though. I love that they added that in the movie. They would have been beautiful together.

    Also wow, that "then there were none" gif. ;_;

  8. Yes, I'v always wanted Luna and Neville to end up together, too! I ship them so hard I sometimes wish it was real. I understand what you mean with Wormtail. I hate him, too. Out of the four Marauders, Wormtail was the odd one out while James, Sirius, and Lupin were quite dashing. Nice tag! I might steal it one day, haha. But I'll leave some references to you *wink*

  9. I might just have to do this tag too^^ I adored reading your answers and was already answering my own as I read your questions/responses LOL! LOVE Luna, Prisoner of Azkaban and I hate Wormtail SO MUCH too!! Emma Watson is a goddess, I'd LOVE to meet her too and OMG young Tom Riddle is DREAMY.


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