Sunday, July 3, 2016

Meet Lefty! | Summer Blogger Promo Tour

Hey guys, today I have an awesome post with Lefty! This post is part of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour which is brought to you by the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz!


Hello, hello! I go by Lefty, and I am the wizard behind the blog The Left-Handed Book Lover. I'm super stoked to be on Krystianna's lovely blog today to talk to you lovely readers about this magical sphere on the internet called BookTube!

 For those of you who are unfamiliar with BookTube, lemme give you a lil lowdown. BookTube is essentially the corner of YouTube in which nerds like myself make videos talking about books. I discovered it fairly recently, and I became OBSESSED with the videos, and shortly thereafter became a member of the community.

 Today I am going to share with y'all some of my favorite BookTubers and videos. I strongly encourage you to check all these people/videos out because they make the little bookworm in my heart delighted!

Okay, first of all, we have two of the most popular BookTubers around:

Jesse at jessethereader and Kat at Katytastic!

Jesse and Kat are two of the funniest people I've seen on BookTube. They are the ones who got me hooked on BookTube and inspired me to start my own channel. I really wouldn't be able to pick a favorite video from either of their channels because I thoroughly enjoy every video they produce. 

Another BookTuber I adore is Lala at BooksandLala.
Everything she says is thought-out and insightful. She can be really funny and snarky, too. She does monthly videos called Bookmark'd, which are some of my favorite videos to watch because she talks about all the book news (cover reveals, adaptations, etc). Here is her most recent one:

Someone else you need to check out is Cece at ProblemsofaBookNerd.

She's honest, thoughtful, and creative. Her book discussions are A+ and she should be your go-to girl for LGBT+ book recs. She produces unique content you won't find anywhere else on BookTube. While I couldn't embed any of her videos in this post, I highly recommend checking out any single one of her discussion posts. 

And finally, I'm going to point you toward Emma from emmmabooks!
Emma is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about books and her channel. I can just tell from all of her videos that she has a kind heart and an individual personality. She posts videos that help out other readers and pople in the book community, and she fangirls about Shadowhunters like no other. Plus, her look is always knockin' it out of the park! Recently, she posted a very interesting and unique discussion about hobbies in YA lit. 

Some other fun videos I really enjoyed: 
  • "MATCHING SUMMERY BOOKS AND OUTFITS | Lookbook by Tashapolis" by Tashapolis

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and maybe even found some new videos to watch! Be sure to check out my channel LeftyReads, and subscribe to stay updated on when and what I post! As I said, BookTube was a more recent discovery for me, so I am still trying to find my footing in this sphere, but I hope you're there to watch it happen.

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  1. Oh, this is SUCH A WONDERFUL POST THE PERSON WHO WROTE IT IS BRILLIANT XD Just kidding, just kidding. Thanks for having me!! I loved talking about this on your blog!

    - Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover


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