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This week's theme is all about books and music. So, here are ten songs that I wish were made into books! 

(If you click on the song, it will bring you to a video of the song on YouTube.)

I am sure almost everybody knows about Halsey by now, but maybe I'm wrong. This song is one of my favorites. I honestly think that it would make for a pretty epic love story. It could even be about artists because of all the colors mentioned!

"Everything is blue
his pills, his hands, his jeans
and now I'm covered in the colors
pulled apart at the seams
and it's blue
and it's blue
Everything is gray
his hair, his smoke, his dreams
and now he's so devoid of color 
he don't know what it means
and he's blue
and he's blue"

Hero is one of my all time favorite songs. I feel that it doesn't get enough love! The story could be about a hero who decides he doesn't want to be a hero anymore, which would make for a pretty interesting story.

"Let me go
I don't wanna be your hero
I don't be a big man
I just wanna fly with everyone else
Your masquerade
I don't wanna be a part of your parade
Everyone deserves a chance to
Walk with everyone else"

I remember the very first time that I heard this song and I immediately thought that this song would make an amazing book about Hollywood in general. I know I'd definitely read it!

"New to town with a made-up name
in the Angel City chasing fortune and fame
and the camera flashes make it look like a dream.
You had it figured out since you were in school
everybody loves pretty everybody loves cool
so overnight you look like a '60's queen
Another name goes up in lights,
like diamonds in the sky.
And they'll tell you now you're the lucky one."

Imagine a book where a couple falls out of love and someone is trying to figure out how to break up with the other. I've never actually read a book like that! Romance novels are always about couples falling in love, instead of out of love. I'm kind of curious about a book that went the opposite way!

"Once we were like bottle rockets
Now I know I have to stop it
Please believe me, this isn't easy
I just need to say Goodbye"

I don't know why but I get such a dark feeling from this song. I've been loving dark anime, so of course I'm in the mood for some dark books.

"Dig up the bones but leave the soul alone.
Boy with a broken soul, heart with a gaping hole.
Dark, twisted fantasy
turned to reality.
Kissing death and losing my breath."

 I chose this song because I've never read a book about gangsters, or someone who is in love with a gangster.

"You say you a gangsta
that don't impress me none
you say you a gangsta
ain't seen a thing you done
I do it all myself
I ain't gettin' help from no one"

 I think this song would make another awesome book about Hollywood.

"Static palms melt your vibe, midnight whisperings
The black magic on Muhammad Drive
Swimming pools under desert skies
Drinking white wine in the blushing light
Just another LA Devotee
The sun sets on the evil eye
Invisible to the Hollywood Shrine
Always on the hunt for a little more time
Just another LA Devotee"

 A book set in the '80's... do I have to say anything else?

"1985 was a good year
The sky broke apart and you appeared
Dropped from the heavens, they called me a dreamer
I won't lie, I knew you would belong here
Lifted off the ground
I took your hands and pulled you down
Because 1985 was a good year
I won't lie, I knew you would belong here"

 I just love how catchy this song is and I love the message.

"He could be a sinner, or a gentleman
He could be a preacher when your soul is damned
He could be a lawyer on a witness stand
But he'll never love you like I can, can"

I feel like this song would translate into a pretty awesome romance that takes place in the disco-era. LIKE COME ON, HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE??

"When there's loving in the air
Don't fight it just keep breathing
I can't help myself but stare.
Double check for double meanings.
I'm a man who's got very specific taste."

What songs do you wish were turned into books?


  1. I love that so many people have been including Halsey songs! I think Castle fits perfectly with Throne of Glass. So many PATD songs would make amazing books. Brendon writes great lyrics!

  2. Great list -- I wish I had added genre picks to mine, too! Totally agree re: La Devotee

    my TTT

  3. I am so intrigued about the Hollywood book... great list!

    My TTT

  4. OOh nice ones! Those are some new to me songs!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Ugh I love everything about this list! I tried really hard to think of a book I could pair to Halsey's 'Colors' but I couldn't think of one... definitely needs to be a book. And Bones - MS MR is one of my faves <3 This list is perf.

    -Lety @ Gone With The Words

  6. So many Panic! At the Disco songs could be on this list, just because so many of the lyrics beg a background explanation.

  7. Kat Dahlia ALMOST made it on my list. Gangsta was one of the ones I thought about putting down. The other was Mirrors. Great selection! :)

  8. Such an awesome set of songs - I love the idea of "The Lucky One" becoming a novel; it would show the corruption and devastation in the world music industry, and definitely would be a plot line I would LOVE to read.

    Thanks for stopping by @introtoblurb.wordpress.com ~TT

  9. It's so fun to get a snippet of different people's music taste and knowledge. I like the idea of an anti-romance. Thanks for visiting Falconer's Library!

  10. Fun list! I like the lyrics to the 80's one... and Taylor Swift I think has so many songs that would make great stories.

  11. Fabulous list! And I loooove Halsey!

  12. I will have to check these songs out! The only one I know is the Taylor Swift song :) Thanks for the song ideas :)

  13. The Lucky One would make a great book! Thanks for visiting my TTT! Happy reading!

  14. I honestly haven't heard most of the songs. I'm going to check these out. They seem amazing from the lyrics you provided. Great list! :)

    - Erika @ The Nocturnal Fey

  15. Great list. This was a hard topic. I am so impressed with everyone's list. I love your "Goodbye" plot line. That would be a very different book. I'd read it!

  16. Halsey is so big right now, I knew I'd see her on someone's list. Oh my goodness, I now need a book set in the 80s!

  17. I love Hero by Family of The Year! That is such a good song. And I love Sam Smith's voice; so talented. Good choices!

  18. You can never go wrong with a Panic! At The Disco song! Great choice!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  19. Great picks! I'd say anything by PaTD would make a good book!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  20. I love the trope of a reluctant hero so the idea of a book about a hero trying to walk away would be very interesting indeed. Great job with a tough topic!

  21. I didn't know who Halsey was until your post. I need to get out more. lol.

  22. I came so close to putting a Halsey song on mine, but inevitably couldn't fit it! I love her songs so much. Lifted Up is my favorite off Passion Pit's newest album. It makes me dance every time. I am all for books about Hollywood. There needs to be more!

  23. Do you know, I haven't heard of Halsey, but I think that name was on someone else's list today too. Clearly I *need* to look this album up. :)

    Three cheers for Taylor Swift. One can never go wrong with a T-Swift song - and 'The Lucky One' is great.

    Thanks so much for visiting Dreaming Under the Same Moon today. :)

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  25. I can be so musically clueless, I hadn't heard of Halsey before. I can see your love story idea, but it would be a story about addiction, because that song was all about the drugs.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT.

  26. Nice list!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a post on my blog earlier today!!

  27. Thank you for including the lyrics. I love reading lyrics to songs. :-)

  28. Aww, great choices! I really like Halsey's songs and Taylor Swift, too. Sam Smith has such an incredible voice.
    Marie Drizzle & Hurricane Books

  29. I've seen a few lists featuring Halsey now - funny thing is that they've all included different songs! I hadn't heard of a few of the songs on your list but I've jotted them all down to give them a listen, particularly Goodbye!

  30. Oo, great song choices, and I've got a few recommendations because of this list too. I almost included Sam Smith's Like I Can on my Top 10 - I would love to see the dynamic explored between the singer/narrator, the subject, and the subject's "sinner" or "gentleman". :P

  31. Goodbye would make a fan-flipping-tastic book. It would also probably rip my heart out, but you know... sometimes I want that. :) And, of course, I'd like to see The Lucky One as a book because I'm a sucker for Hollywood/regular person romances.

    Great list!

  32. LOVE Halsey! Colors would make an awesome book! Great list! :)

  33. Great list - so many songs here I didn't even think of but that would work so well! I'm a big Taylor Swift and Panic! at the Disco fan, and honestly would just love a story set in hollywood based off both of them!

  34. I don't know the song Bones but I love anything that has a dark feeling to it!

  35. LA Devotee and The Lucky One are begging to be made into Hollywood books, great list!

  36. Ouhhh! A Passion Pit song I haven't heard of! I'll go check that out right now!:D *edit from the future: I LOVE IT! I absolutely do!*
    Great list of songs! I really enjoy the diversity of it all! I feel like we have similar taste in music, which would be a bit of everything, or almost everything!
    You know, you could write one of those stories... Just a suggestion;) They all sound great so you would have at least one reader!

  37. I love these list! So many amazing songs I want to hear. The only song I ever though would make a great book is Forever and Always by Parachute. There's a story in there already, but it would be heartbreakingly good to read it.

  38. Wow, so many good songs on here. I think everyone managed to feature a Halsey song this week and that's because her songs are amazing and so book worthy. I love that Panic song as well, I would definitely read that as a book.

  39. I LOVE Panic! At the Disco. I was thinking of a song to include from their first album (and best, imo)!!
    Loving the graphics you made for this post, and your header.
    New follower!

    -Shanise @ Iridescent Lotus

  40. I haven't heard of many of these, but I'm definitely going to check them out on Spotify.

  41. Great list!
    The Lucky One would make a great book!

  42. I think anything Taylor Swift would make for epic stories!

  43. I love the idea of this topic! I do think some songs could make really great books as well. Especially those about overcoming some kind of hardship.


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