Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blogger Interview | Little Miss Reader

Hey guys! I'm here today with an interview with AmandaEmma from Little Miss Reader!

About AmandaEmma:
I'm AmandaEmma, I'm 18 years old and I come from Denmark. My big passion is definitely books!

Here's the interview questions!

1. Hardcover or paperback?

2. Book or e-copy?

3. Library or bookstore?
Hmm... good question. For YA definitely library, classics and longer books I prefer to buy.

4. New books or used books?
Both! I love used classics. I actually have one of the first editions ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie. Because it’s one of the early releases it’s called ‘Ten Little Niggers’.

5. If you were in a book, which type of character would you be?
I’d probably be a side character who always has her nose in a book. I’m not so good with attention - I wish I could say the hero though.

6. Would you want the book you were featured in to be turned into a movie? Who would play you?
Well, that would be quite cool! I would love it if Alexis Bledel or Keira Knightley played me! 

7. If you could live in any possible genre, which would you choose and why?
Again, good question… realistic fiction! and to be specific; realistic fiction set in the 50’s and 60’s. My parents always say I should’ve been born in that timeperiod and I feel like dystopia would be a very deathly choice.

8. If you could meet any one author, who would you meet and why?
Sarah J. Maas. I’ve seen a couple of interviews with her and she’s so cool and sweet! I love how she isn’t afraid of saying ‘dirty’ words and I would love to meet her! If Jane Austen was alive I would love to meet her as well. 

9. If there was a book about your life, what would it be called?
 02.03.97. I’ve always found it poetic to use ones birthdate especially because it’s where you life started. If I ever write a memoir I’d probably call it that. 

10. Which character in a novel most resembles you and why?
Would it be too cliché to say Hermione Granger? I really like school to be honest, I love to read and when I set my mind on something I see it through. I can also relate to her being a bit of an outsider and not having that many friends. 
To be less cliché: Toria Grand from ‘All of the Above’ by James Dawson. She’s a bit shy, not to fond of cliques, has a few but very close friends and she’s bisexual. I think I have traits from both of them actually.

11. How many times have you read your favorite book and will you read it again?
Pride and Prejudice.. 5 times I think and I’ve seen the movie (the 2005 edition) more times than I can count. I often just put the movie in and let it run for an entire day. I’ll definitely read it again! But I want to try her other books before I reread P&P. 

Thanks so much for letting me interview you! :) Here's AmandaEmma's links:


  1. I haven't seen blogger interviews. How cool! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'll definitely take a look around.

  2. Great interview
    It's a great way to know each other better
    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  3. Great interview! I love Sarah J Maas as well, her personality is so cool. She always seems so bubbly and she's hilarious. :)

  4. Nice to meet you! Definitely going to go and check out your sites! Side characters usually end up being my favourite ones over the main character, so don't worry about not being the hero. You'd have one reader rooting for you ^.^


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