Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blogger Interview | Patrick of The Bookshelves!

Hey guys! Today I have an awesome interview with Patrick of The Bookshelves to share with all of you! :)

My name is Patrick Castro and I'm currently 17 years old and a senior in high school. I have been blogging for 3 years solid and currently I transitioned my book blog to more of a lifestyle blog. So in addition to all the YA book reviews, bookish memes, and interviews you'll also see DIYs, fashion, and inspiration. I started blogging because I absolutely loved reading and I wanted to share my love of YA books to others! Be sure to follow me on social media, I always update!

Hardcover or paperback? 

Book or e-copy? 
Book, I tried doing e-books I just can't! I need a physical book in my hands, who also has this problems?!

Library or book store? 
Both! Libraries are my to-go to pick up new books but I love browsing the bookstore to pick up any books I greatly enjoyed recently for my shelves. 

New books or used books? 
I looovvee new books, just the fresh, clean pages and new covers make me excited to read!

If you were in a book, which type of character would you be? (EX: hero, villain, sidekick, etc.) 
I think I would be the sidekick because I like helping but being a sidekick always has perks!

Would you want the book you were featured in to be turned into a movie? 
Who would play you? Ummm...yeah! Hopefully I am alive to watch it! LOL I actually wouldn't know who would play me, but I'm open to anyone!

If you could live in any possible genre, which would you choose and why? 
YA! I love YA, it's literally my home because it's a genre that is always expanding. Every year, there is so many new, exciting books that are just so unique and interesting who wouldn't want to live in YA?!

If you could meet any one author, who would you meet any why? 
I would definitely love to met Veronica Roth! The Divergent series is one of my all time favs and it would be amazing to meet her!

If there was a book about your life, what would it be called? 
Possibly ... The Adventures of Patrick Castro because I am adventures person and I love exploring new places! If you asked anyone that knows me, they'll know that I always exploring my home of LA to it's vivid street art to small, cozy cafes!

Which character in a novel that you've read most resembles you and why? 
Hmm ... kind of a tough one because I read so much books recently I can't seem to find one! 

How many times have you read your favorite book and will you read it again? 
One of my favorite books (because I just don't have one favorite book ;) would be Richelle Mead's Bloodlines! I absolutely love that book, Sydney Sage is such an amazing protagonist and the whole series is mind - blowingly epic! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of the questions, Patrick! 

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