Thursday, March 26, 2015

Music Recs: Santigold

Music Recommendations was created so that I can share some of my favorite artists and bands with all of you!

This week I thought I'd recommend Santigold!
Santigold's real name is Santi White, and she sings electronic/indie rock/reggae music that is super fun to listen. Yet again, I chose this artist to feature because of how catchy her music is! I just love music that gets stuck in my head for days to come. It's usually either a sign that I loved it or I hated it, though in this case, I definitely love her music.

My favorite Santigold song would have to be Disparate Youth, because in the music video she goes and travels to all these exotic places and I just love watching it. I'm a huge fan of beautiful landscapes in the great outdoors, and many are shown in this music video.

Have you heard of Santigold? Are you a fan?

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