Thursday, March 5, 2015

Music Recs: Neon Trees

Music Recommendations was created so that I can share some of my favorite artists and bands with all of you!

This week I thought I'd recommend Neon Trees, which is a band that I found back when their song Everybody Talks came out.

Neon Trees is a very edgy, alternative rock band that you can just jam out to at any time. All of their songs are pretty fast and just make you want to get up and smile and dance and sing along. I listen to them a lot in the summer.

My personal favorite of theirs is actually Everybody Talks just because I adore the music video. They're at a drive-in movie theater, which is incredibly awesome. Plus, there's vampires in the video that coincide with the werewolves and such in the actual music video. It's just so creative! We actually have a drive in a few towns over and I go there a lot in the summer because they're so much fun!

Their other songs, such as Lessons in Love and Sleeping With a Friend are also very catchy and upbeat. 

Are you a fan of Neon Trees?


  1. Neon Trees are fantastic! :) Great to see somebody else who likes them :) I got to see them at a festival last year and they were amazing :) Have a lovely day!

  2. Neon Trees are super fun! I was lucky enough to see them live a couple of years ago and they are SO MUCH FUN! Tyler (the singer) is absolutely nuts on stage. Lol!
    Stefani @ Caught Read Handed

  3. Love this feature! I always like discovering new music! :D

  4. I love Neon Trees! I remember when I first heard "Everybody Talks" on the radio like it just happened. I was in the car, and I was like - ohmigosh, find out what song that is!! to my friend who was with me. I had it in my head for days. I love this feature!
    Lauren @ Lauren Hearts Books

  5. Oh gosh I love them! Their songs are just SO CATCHY and so upbeat! (I hate to steal your words but when I was trying to describe them the other day, I used those EXACT WORDS! So they must be true!) I ALWAYS have to sing along. I love all the ones you mentioned, plus Animal and In the Next Room. But the one that gets stuck in my head the most often is Text Me in the Morning! It's such a get-up-and-dance song!

  6. This song is soooo catchy! I love Everybody Talks and Mad Love from this album! :D And Animal too from their Habits album. :)


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