Friday, February 27, 2015

Feature & Follow (19)

It is #FF Time! Feature & Follow – Get Your Hop on!
Your house is burned down and you have time to select three books you own to take with you. What three books?
I would take my entire Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins! I would take this series because it's what got me into the dystopian and science fiction genre, so I have those books to thank for starting up my blog three years ago! :)

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  1. OOh nice! I went with some of my old school classics that I started reading sooooooo long ago! One is the one that spawned my love for paranormal reads too!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. The Hunger Games is a good choice! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm an old follower. :)

  3. So many people have read The Hunger Games and I still haven't gotten to it! I feel so terrible! Thanks for visiting my blog! Old follower!

  4. I love the Hunger Games Trilogy and it's a great choice, but I never thought of it, maybe that has something to do with the fact that the covers for my books don't match, and they released new covers not too long ago. Any excuse to buy new books with prettier covers!
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  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my FF at Coffee and Characters
    New GFC follower! and old bloglovin one I believe :)

  6. I think I'd save my three Francine Rivers books. I love your blog so much! I'm an old follower of yours!

    -Monica @ Tomes Project

  7. Can you believe that I haven't read The Hunger Games trilogy. I have seen all the movies so far but I'm really not into dystopian genre. My sisters love it so much but I haven't read it!!

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    Giova @ Corazones Literarios

  8. Great choice ;)
    I follow you back.

  9. That's a good idea, to bring an entire series with you :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  10. Nice! I'm greedy and decided that box sets count as one book hehee! Following you back :D

  11. Excellent choice!! The Hunger Games got me into dystopians, as well! (:

    New follower via GFC, Bloglovin, and Twitter!

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  12. Good pick! That was one of my first reads in that genre too. Thank you for stopping by. :)
    Old follower

  13. Good pick, it's always a great idea to grab the books that got you reading your favorite genre in the first place! I'm following via bloglovin :)

  14. OOH! I love the Hunger Games too:) Although, Mockingjay disappointed me a bit:(

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    Aditi @

  15. THG is one my fav series too! I love Catching Fire of all books :P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am an old follower too! :P

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

  16. Ooh. Nice answer! I also loved THG but I have ebook copies. :)

    Old GFC follower

  17. I'd have to risk burning to grab my Harry Potter Collection! But if we're talking 3 books it would be The Deathly Hallows (JK Rowling) IT (Stephen King) and maybe book one of The Hunger Games.

  18. Oooh, sadly, I didn't pick these but I loved reading them. Though in real life, my THG Trilogy would definitely be saved, yes. I can't bear to see all my books being burned to ashes. :((

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin!

    Blessie @ Mischievous Reads

  19. Great choice. Thanks for stopping by!

  20. That's a worthy pick! Have you by chance read her Gregor the Overlander series? Gah! So good! Old follower :)

  21. Great answer! I loved that trilogy too! Old follower :)

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  22. No a fan of those books but I can see why you would want to grab them up and run with them. :)

  23. Great answer! The Hunger Games were the first books I read once I finished uni and got back into reading regularly.
    Thanks for stopping by my post earlier, following you back via GFC and bloglovin :)
    Obsessive Compulsive Reader

  24. You must really love THG! :) Sorry for the late follow, but I am following you now through GFC :)

  25. Nice that you picked books that were connected to your blogging life. You're the first one I've seen do that. :)

    Thanks for stopping by mine earlier. New GFC and Bloglovin follower xx

  26. Great choice! I would have "cheated" though and considered all three books as one. I tend to do that with series. :) New follower

  27. Nice post.
    I am following your blog via GFC, it would make me so happy if you did the same :)


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