Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Five Goals/Resolutions for 2015!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Don't have a set amount of books to read as a goal. 
My first year of blogging, I somehow managed to read over 100 books and I was so amazed with myself because I absolutely loved reading and I never even got into a slump. That changed this year, I've barely read 50 books and I found some of my books boring and that lead to horrible slumps that lead to really slow reading that would last anywhere from a few days to a few months. I really don't want that to happen again.

2. Read only books I actually want to read.
Recently, I started clearing up my TBR pile by getting rid of books I wasn't really interested in reading anymore. It's just a waste of space that could be filled with books I actually want to read. I don't want to force myself to read something that I have no interest in reading. Plus, it's easier to look at a smaller amount of books to read rather than a large pile of books to read because it's much less intimidated.

3. Actually keep up with blogging!
I want to try to blog an entire year without any random breaks because of school or sports or anything. If that means scheduling ahead, then so be it. I want to try to keep up for once instead of lagging behind! I feel so bad when I disappear for a while because I'm so busy, and it's not fair to all my readers!

4. Maybe start a BookTube channel.
I've been wanting to start a BookTube channel for so long-maybe now's the time? Sometimes I think I may enjoy making videos more than writing, but I absolutely adore writing so I'm not sure!

5. Try to go outside more.
Being a book lover and also a video game-aholic leads to much time spent inside. I should really try to get outside more because I really do love going outside and going on hikes and adventures!

What are some of your goals for 2015?


  1. OOh nice ones! I usually only read the books I want to read as well! Sometimes when being offered one I do find myself interested! It's a never ending cycle!

    Good luck with your resolutions!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I think I need to get outside more, too...

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  3. I really need to clear out my TBR pile too, there's so many that I have that just don't appeal to me anymore.

    Good luck on your goals :)

  4. I've been thinking about starting a Booktube channel as well. It seems really fun and that community seems really nice. I might do it this year, maybe maybe not since I don't have a good camera or an editing software, but who knows.
    I also want to keep up with blogging. I just came out of a two month blogging break and I don't want to get into another anytime soon.
    Good luck on all of your goals :D
    heres my TTT

  5. Great Resolutions! I really hate having TBR lists and setting reading goals because I feel like it changes from something I love doing to a bit like HW. Hopefully 2015 is better for you :)

    You should definitely start a Youtube Channel, why not right?

    I also nominated your for the Infinity Dreamer Award :)



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