Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music Recommendations: Imagine Dragons!

If you guys didn't know, I am a MEGA fan of music. I particularly love Alternative music, though I really like other genres as well. As long as it's a catchy song, I'm absolutely in love. So since I love music so much, I thought I'd start making posts weekly every Tuesday for a while to introduce to you a particular band or singer that I adore, because I love music so much! 

So this week, I thought I'd talk about Imagine Dragons. I know that they are so well known, but I absolutely love them. I found them a in 2012 right when their album came out that October. My favorite song was obviously Radioactive, along with the rest of the world. 

Though they have many great songs on their album such as It's Time and On Top of the World, they also have other songs that haven't been as popular, including Selene and Pantomime, which are two of my most listened to songs by them. Selene just has such a catchy chorus and there's just something about Pantomime that just makes me want to keep clicking the repeat button!

Are you an Imagine Dragons fan?


  1. I love On Top Of The World! One of my favourites! Would you mind if I did a 'Music Recommendations' meme post and used your image, and I'll link it back to you?
    Hannah @ The Book Landslide

  2. I love Imagine Dragons! They are my "writing music" band whenever I'm creating a new book. "It's Time" is a favorite. I've gotten to see them in concert twice -- both times a surprise from my sister. If you ever get a chance, their concerts are amazing!

    1. I love how often their music shows up in commercials, like they did last year. Especially It's Time. That's so awesome that you got to see them in concert; I haven't yet, but hopefully I will be able to sometime!

  3. I'm obsessed with Imagine Dragons! They're ah-mazing! xx My favorites would be Demons, Radioactive, This Time, Working Man and The River. :)


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