Monday, June 2, 2014

A Sincere Apology

Hey guys. If you haven't noticed, my blog has been slacking a lot since the start of the year! I'm writing this post to basically say:
I have been crazy busy with school, especially since the classes are much tougher lately. I haven't even had the chance to read much up until last month, which really blows, because reading is one thing that I absolutely love! 

Despite the uncalled-for hiatus, I'm glad to tell you that I will be getting things back on track. This week I'm going to go back to my 2-3 reviews a week, discussion posts, and hopefully I'll have my interviews back up soon!

Plus.... I'm hoping to start making some YouTube videos! I've been blogging and writing posts for almost two years, and I think it's about time I try out something different just to see if I like it! Don't worry though, I'll still keep the blog up to date! I just think videos will be a fun thing to try out for a bit.

I hope you guys accept my apology, and thank you so much for sticking around the blog and still following me! I really appreciate it! (:

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