Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trendy Taglines #5

Trendy Taglines is a meme that I came up with which features books based on their taglines-whether they be old or new. If you'd like to join in on the fun, link up below!

The strongest magic may lie within.
I want to know where the strong magic is!! I could see how this could be true, I mean, usually everything lies within.

Enter a world of secrets and sacrifice
Is that an order? That's one order I would follow! I can't wait for this one-I love Stacey Jay's writing.

Some gifts burn.
OUCH. Literally! I'd love to learn more about this gift that "burns". I'm definitely intrigued and I just want to know more!


  1. Great post! I realized, I knew almost none of these novels -gotta change that! ;) Especially Of Beast and Beauty sounds GOOD!

  2. A world of secrets and sacrifice-wonder what all that entails and excited to find out!

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