Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Radical Read-Along: Unearthly!

Music Plus Books

Hi guys! I teamed up with some other awesome bloggers, Laura from Music Plus Books and Jenna from Rather be Reading YA, to bring you this awesome read-along!

Basically, through July 25-30, we'll be hosting a read-along for Unearthly! We'll also be bringing you some awesome challenges and even a giveaway! To join, please make a post about your sign up and add it to the linky down below! If you don't have a blog or a website, you can just tweet with #rreadalong to sign-up, make a video on YouTube (for you booktubers out there!), or do it through Goodreads!

Throughout the Read-Along, you'll basically just have a set amount of chapters to read each day and then the following day just make a discussion post on it with your favorite quote from the reading included! Each day, just remember to come back to any of the hosts' blogs and add your link to the linky! In the end, we'll all post our reviews!

Remember, just because you don't have a blog doesn't mean you can't join in!

Here's the schedule:
July 25: Read 4 chapters.
July 26: Read 5 chapters and discussion post for what was read on July 25. Visit Laura over at Music Plus Books for a challenge!
July 27: Read 4 chapters and discussion post for what was read on July 26. Come back and visit my blog for a challenge!
July 28: Read 5 chapters and discussion post for what was read on July 27. OPEN spot for whoever wants to host a challenge! Contact Jenna (@RatherReadYA) or Laura (@musicplusbooks) if interested!
July 29: Read 4 chapters and discussion post for what was read on July 28. OPEN spot for whoever wants to host a challenge! Contact Jenna (@RatherReadYA) or Laura (@musicplusbooks) if interested!
July 30: Wrap-up and review! Visit Jenna over at Rather Be Reading YA for a challenge!

Hopefully you'll join in on our Radical Read-Along!

Also, feel free to grab the button and add it to your blog! There's a big one and a little one, depending on the size you need! :)

Music Plus Books
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Music Plus Books
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