Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Type of Bookmarker are You?

This week I decided to talk about how you save your page in a book. To me, there are about 4 different kinds of ways people save their pages. Which one do you fit into?

The Spine Bender
The Spine Bender tends to read their book and then just set it down anywhere around them. They don't even use any type of paper or bookmark to save their page, instead, they just keep the book exactly how it is except it's turned over on a surface. Sometimes this surface isn't even flat, which causes the Spine Bender to lose their page.

The Dog Earer
Yes, I know I just made up a word. At least I think I did... I'm pretty sure "earer" isn't a word. Anyway, the Dog Earer tends to just fold over the corner of their page, which causes the corner to have a permanent crease. This way, the Dog Earer will never lose their page because the book is also a book mark.

The Bookmarker
This person uses traditional bookmarks to save their page. They like to spice it up every once in a while by using different bookmarks, but they are still bookmarks nonetheless.

The Grab Anything Bookmarker
This person tends to just grab whatever is around them to use as a bookmark. They don't want to bend their spine, yet they don't feel like getting a real bookmark. Therefore, they'll grab that gum wrapper off the table, that old receipt,  or that important note that you were trying to save and they'll use it as their bookmark.

The Wishy-Washy Bookmarker
This bookmarker tends to just do a mixture of all of the above. 

I'm actually a bookmarker. I don't like bending my spine or dog earing my pages, though I will occasionally be a grab anything bookmarker as well if I'm too tired or lazy to get up and grab an actual bookmark.

 What type of bookmarker are you?


  1. I am a Bookmarker too! I always have a spare bookmark around just in case and I just can't fold down pages in books! Sometimes I will use a receipt if I've just bought a book I start reading and don't have a bookmark on me. I try my best not to break spines!


  2. I'm definitely a mix of spine bender and grab anything! Occasionally I'm also the person who uses nothing, totally thinks they can remember the page number and ends up rereading like 10-15 pages haha

  3. Creative discussion! I'm most definitely a Grab Anything Bookmarker :)

  4. some of these options make me cringe. I actually don't use anything. I've learned to memorize what page I am on or use goodreads to keep track. I learned the hard way that my kids love to pull out bookmarks.

  5. I'm in between "the bookmarker" and the "grab anything". It's about 50 50 between them. And I will grab anything when I do, a lot of times I will use a pencil. That works very well.

  6. I am definitely a "grab anything". I absolutely, positively cannot dog ear a book and I really try not to be a spine bender either (although I do occasionally set my book down for a short period that way if it's a hardcover). Usually, I just grab a receipt or a random piece of paper - anything that's nearby - and use that as my bookmark. Somewhere in this house I have some real bookmarks, but I couldn't tell you where!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. I'm most often anymore a bookmarker. But, I used to be a dog earer, and occasionally I still do. The book is going to be read. Why does it need to be kept in perfect shape? To me that makes a book look as if it hasn't been read, and what is the good of that? I try to keep my covers in good shape so that looks nice.

  8. I've always tried to be a real bookmarker, but I tend to lose them, so I really am a wishy-washy one. But a lot of times I just remember. And yet, there is something nice about seeing a properly worn-down spine.... :)

  9. I am totally the grab anything marker lol. I once found a wrapper in my bag from Subway and tore off a corner and used it as my book marker haha. Thank you for commenting earlier this week! 8)

  10. I think I'm a division of the bookmarker. I always use a bookmark (I hate spine-bending and dog-earring!) and I always use the same bookmarks (there are 3-4, just in case I'm reading more than one book at a time. But usually, it's the same one every single time. I'd be so sad if I lost it!). But I say I'm a division of the bookmarker because my bookmarks aren't traditional bookmarks. They're all pieces of stiff ribbon (like the kind you use for a Christmas bow). I think regular bookmarks are too stiff and can be annoying if they're very wide.

    I clearly have thought about this too much :P

  11. I'm a grab anything/ spine bender/ bookmarker. So many of them!! Haha. I bend my spines but that's just because I read with my book folded over in half nad leave them like that sometimes. But, if I loose my bookmark I use receipts of leaflets all sorts! So complicated :D.

  12. Haha, I'm the grab anything bookmarker:) I just put in anything that's on the table at that point, sometimes even another book.

  13. Haha, I'm totally wishy washy! My preference always changes :) Mostly, I guess, I'm the kind of person who just grabs anything!

  14. I'm a grab anything bookmarker-I'm constantly picking up different pieces of paper to use as bookmarks and then losing them so I have to find another.


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