Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stacking the Shelves (21)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

So I haven't exactly purchase any books since my huge book haul from the library sale last month. 

I did however receive my first ARCs from publishers to review this week! I'm super excited for both of these. :)
From Random House:
Do the gates keep the unchosen out or the chosen in?
In Mandrodage Meadows, life seems perfect. The members of this isolated suburban community have thrived under Pioneer, the charismatic leader who saved them from their sad, damaged lives. Lyla Hamilton and her parents are original members of the flock. They moved here following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, looking to escape the evil in the world. Now seventeen, Lyla knows certain facts are not to be questioned:
Pioneer is her leader.
Will is her Intended.
The end of the world is near.
Like Noah before him, Pioneer has been told of the imminent destruction of humanity. He says his chosen must arm themselves to fight off the unchosen people, who will surely seek refuge in the compound's underground fortress--the Silo.
Lyla loves her family and friends, but given the choice, she prefers painting to target practice. And lately she'd rather think about a certain boy outside the compound than plan for married life in the Silo with Will. But with the end of days drawing near, she will have to pick up a gun, take a side, and let everyone know where she stands.

From Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers:

In this dystopian sequel to The Forsaken, Alenna has survived the brutality of life on the wheel—and now she’s going back for more.

Alenna escaped. It was expected that she would die on the wheel, the island where would-be criminals are sent as directed by the UNA—the totalitarian supercountry that was once the United States, Mexico, and Canada. But Alenna and her boyfriend, Liam, made it to safety. Except safety, they will soon learn, is relative.
In order to bring down the UNA, they must first gain control of the wheel. If the mission succeeds, the wheel will become a base of revolution. But between betrayals, a new Monk leading a more organized army of Drones, and the discovery of a previously unknown contingent, Alenna, Liam, and their allies might be in over their heads. One thing Alenna knows for sure: There will be a reckoning. And not everyone she loves will make it out alive.

Thanks so much Random House and Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers!

What books did you get this week?


  1. Congrats on getting your first ARCs from publishers :D Gated looks awesome!

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves

  2. Congratz on your very first ARCs! Enjoy them. :D

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  3. OOh nice!! The first ever ARC is always the best I think! Hope you enjoy yours!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Congratulations on your first ARCs! I haven't tried to get any yet but maybe I will soon. Old follower:)
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

  5. Neither of these are my kind of reads but they have interesting covers. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  6. Nice haul! I now have a new book (Gated) on my to-read list :) Happy reading!
    Here are my newest additions from this week.

  7. Congrats on getting your ARCs!!! You most be so excited!! Gated looks so good!! Hope you enjoy yours books :D
    My StS

  8. Gated's cover is very creepy to me, but it sounds very interesting! And congrats on your first ARC's! :)

    Stephanie @ The Tale Archives

  9. Oh, congratulations, Krystianna! I haven't tried to get any, and I'm honestly fine with the ones I buy, but who knows? There are lots of possibilities in the book world :) I think Gated is pretty interesting :D

  10. i'm intrigued by the cover of the uprising--it looks like it's gonna be an interesting read. and congrats on getting your first ARCs--it's very exciting huh? :D

    hope you can stop by my sts


  11. I want The Uprising so bad! I hope you enjoy your books!

  12. ooo! congrats on the ARC's. I haven't built myself up to anything like that yet. I'm just having fun with my blog for now. I did request a DRC of Gated from Edelweiss though. So I hope i get that.

    Here is my haul.

  13. Great haul! I have Gated too. Very excited to read it. What a spectacular cover Uprising has! I've not read the first but I'd like to.

  14. I really want to get my hands on a copy of Gated! It sounds amazing!
    I absolutely love the cover for Uprising! I still need to read Forsaken though.
    Great haul! I hope you enjoy them :)

  15. Great haul! Gated sounds interesting and I love the cover of The Uprising. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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