Sunday, June 30, 2013

GFC and Other Ways to Follow!

As many of you all know, Google is shutting down a lot starting tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that this is mostly Google Reader. I'm not positive if this truly includes GFC or not since I've heard lots of different stories, but just in case, it might be a good idea to follow through different ways if you wish to continue reading and following my blog! 

I can be found on:

Twitter (I link to all my posts)
Goodreads (for reviews)
Linky Followers (found on the left sidebar)
Email (found on the left sidebar)

Thank you and I hope to continue sharing and talking about my love of books with you!

Leave your link and I'll be sure to follow you in other ways than GFC too!


  1. Hey! Followed you with bloglovin :) I always love reading posts from your blog!
    K @ My Favorite Escape

  2. I'm still so bummed about Google Reader ending but I'm already following you on Feedly (also Bloglovin') so at least I'll be getting your posts!


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