Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interview with Samantha of The Little Munchkin Reader!

Today, I have an interview for you with Samantha. She's from The Little Munchkin Reader and her blog has been up since 2010!

1.Hardcover or paperback?
A mxture of both really. Paperback is generally cheaper but sometimes I can get hardback for a good price, so I pick them up.

2.Book or e-copy?

Book, most certainly. I do own a Kindle, but mostly I only download free books.

3. Library or book store?
Again, a mixture. It really depends on if I have money to burn. If I do, bookstore. If I don't hello library.

4 New books or used books?

New! I'm not a fan of used books and the smell of new books is intoxicating. I love that smell of newness and just opened.

5. If you were in a book, which type of character would you be? (EX: hero, villain, sidekick, etc.)
I'd probably be the quiet sidekick with a very good brain, that is constantly overlooked until she does something brilliant.

6. Would you want the book you were featured in to be turned into a movie? Who would play you?

I'd probably not want the book I was in to become a movie. However, if someone obtained the rights (after my death preferably) I would love Emma Watson or Michelle Dockery to play me.

7. If you could live in any possible genre, which would you choose and why?

Historical Fiction, hands down. I'm a major history buff and love anything to do with the subject.

8. If you could meet any one author, who would you meet any why?
Umm. there's several I could choose from. My first thought is J. K. Rowling. Her imagination is stellar and her Harry Potter books were the main part of my childhood.

9. If there was a book about your life, what would it be called?

I Came Through Adversity

10. Which character in a novel that you've read most resembles you and why?
Hermione Granger. Gets top grades and is very know it all. Ugh, that sounds as if I'm a snob. I'm not. Promise.

11. How many times have you read your favorite book and will you read it again?
I've read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows several times since it's publication and, yes, I will read it again. And again. And again.

Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Samantha!

You can find Samantha on:
The Little Munchkin Reader


  1. I prefer new books too-there's nothing like being the first one to turn the pages and absorb all that newness!


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