Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interview with Kristin at Second Book to the Right!

This week I was able to interview Kristin from Second Book to the Right! Her blog has been up and running since November 2012.

1. Hardcover or paperback?
Hardcover if I can afford it and its a book I love.

2. Book or e-copy?
 Ebook has become the majority of my library.

3. Library or book store?
Library, then if I like it, book store.

4. New books or used books?
If its a book I love, a new one please.
5. If you were in a book, which type of character would you be? (EX: hero, villain, sidekick, etc.)
I'd probably be the geeky side-kick.

6. Would you want the book you were featured in to be turned into a movie? Who would play you?
Sure! Sandra Bullock, or maybe Anne Hathaway.

7. If you could live in any possible genre, which would you choose and why?
 fantasy, definitely....and if you saw my feet, you'd classify me as a Hobbit ;)

8. If you could meet any one author, who would you meet any why?
JRR Tolkien, he made up his own languages and they are still being used to this day! That is so impressive in my eyes.

9. If there was a book about your life, what would it be called? 
Through the Darkness.

10. Which character in a novel that you've read most resembles you and why?
The one I can think of first off the top of my head would be Hermoine from HP. We're both kinda geeky, and particular on details, not to mention relatively smart and bookish.

11. How many times have you read your favorite book and will you read it again?
The book I've read the most amount of times is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at close to 8 times. But I don't know if I could consider it my absolute favorite. That can change with the week.

You can find Kristin on:
Second Book to the Right
Google Plus

Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Kristin!

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