Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 B2M Review: Warm Bodies

Way back when I posted my 2013 goals for blogging, I mentioned that I really wanted to read some books that were going to become movies. I actually followed through, so I'm hoping to continue through the rest of the year. I decided to start the year off with a movie review of Warm Bodies, since I just saw it last weekend. I was going to do my review of thiss even earlier, but I just had to wait a few days until I could finally get all my thoughts together.
 WOAH. That was my first thought after the movie ended. Maybe I should just talk about the movie and then the book, and then both as a whole? Yeah, I think that's what I should do. Okay... so on to the movie part. The movie was absolutely amazing. I really liked how Julie and R's relationship grew throughout the movie. I think that was done very well. I also loved the clothes that the characters had... especially Julie. She had some pretty awesome boots! I think that R's airplane was probably the best part. He had so many different knick-knacks just scattered all over the place. I also thought that the little cut-off part of the city where Julie was from was pretty cool as well. There must have been some pretty smart people in order to make something like that. The ending was really great. It definitely had hope.
 Another thing that I really liked about the movie was the fact of it kind of being tweaked for more of a younger audience. In the book, R gets married and has two zombie children that he has to look out for. He also happened to have a tie. I liked how int he movie he was kind of more casual. He also didn't get married. That made it even less awkward for Julie! R also didn't have any kids. There were two children that we saw quite a few times throughout the movie though. I like to think that those were R's kids portrayed in the movie.

If I was looking at this as more of a book-to-movie kind of thing, I'd be pretty happy with the outcome. Though a few parts were tweaked, as most movies are when it comes to book adaptations, the main story still shined through. It was pretty true to the book. My only complaint would have to be the length of the movie. It was only an hour and 37 minutes! I kind of wish that it was a little longer, though the length didn't bother me all that much. Alright, maybe a little. If I had to sum up the movie in one sentence, I'd say: It's a post-apocalyptic romantic comedy with zombies. Yupp, that sounds about accurate.

If you haven't seen Warm Bodies in the theater or read Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, I highly suggest you do so immediately! (:


  1. Awesome resolution ! I just love it when the books I read get made into movies . I haven't read warm bodies but I really want to watch the movie! I'm currently finishing up beautiful creatures book and I hope to go see it when it comes out ! Can't wait. Great post ! - Katie @inkk

  2. New follower here! I've already watched Warm Bodies and I think that the movie adaptation was cute. The book was highly entertaining. :> I'm excited for the City of Bones movie myself. XD

  3. I just got Warm Bodies from Redbox today so I'm going to watch that and then read the book soon hopefully!


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