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Hey guys! Today I have yet another wonderful author to share with you all as part of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour brought to you by The Book Bratz. That wonderful person is Flo! 


Hi! Flo from Book Nerds Across America here. Thanks so much to Krystianna for having me on Downright Dystopian today. Since summer is a good time to go the movies, we thought I'd share some of my favorite book to movie adaptations, and hopefully we can hear yours. 

I am firmly in the court of, "The book is always better than the movie." In my experience, this has held true to all but one, which I'll share later in this post. That being said, while a lot of book to movie adaptions have come up wanting (*sniff* Percy Jackson *sniff* The Mortal Instruments), there are some that I think have been really well done:

1. The Hunger Games series: Disclaimer -- I am on staff at a Hunger Games fansite, Down With the Capitol. I read these books before they became movies, and because of being with the site, I followed the casting and the filming religiously. I even went to 3 of the 4 movie premieres. But I think both directors, Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence, got it. They took images from my head and brought them to life vividly. They made edits, as you have to in movies, but I didn't think any of the changes made harmed the story. 

2. Harry Potter series: These books, too, I read first for the most part. What a complex and magical world. I have all the ultimate edition DVDs and I love watching all the behind the scenes stuff to learn how they created magic, essentially.

3. Divergent, but only the first one: Divergent was my favorite book of 2011, when it was released, and I really do think everyone involved in the first movie did a great job. The big changes from book to movie didn't start happening until book-to-movie 2. But I own Divergent and have happily watched it several times.

4 The Fault in Our Stars: The book destroyed me. The movie destroyed me. Oh Hazel and Augustus! *sobs*

5. The Maze Runner: This is the one I was talking about earlier, where I like the movie better than the book. Here's why: Thomas in the book annoyed me. (I wrote a whole blog post on this here.) He was demanding and whiny and thought he was entitled. I predicted that they would tone him down for the movie, and I was right. I really enjoyed the movie. So much so that I didn't read The Scorch Trials, but I did decide to see the movie. I will also see The Death Cure, whenever Dylan is healed enough for them to complete it.

6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Quirky little book, quirky little movie. All the feels for both. 

7. The Notebook: I know things have gotten a little out of hand with all the Nicholas Sparks books-to-movies (Okay, confession -- I've seen them all! Guilty pleasure!) but my favorite is The Notebook (with A Walk to Remember a close second). Another movie I can watch again and again and it will make me cry every time. 

8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: I loved reading these stories, and watching the movies gives me the exact same warm, fuzzy feeling. Blake, Amber, America, and Alexis are all fantastic actresses, and I feel like a proud big sister seeing how they have grown up as actresses and women. I got to meet Amber last year and she was so sweet! 

Do you agree and/or disagree with any of these selections? What are some other good ones that I missed? Let us know in the comments. Thank you, Krystianna, for having me over!


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  1. I watched The Maze Runner and Scorch Trials too and have not read the books, and I thought thy were fine movies. And I liked Divergent as well, thought they did a good job with that adaptation. I even liked Insurgent the movie, although I know I'm in the minority on that one (and yes the changes were questionable). We won't even touch on Allegiant...

    I agree the book is almost always better, although occasionally they do a good job with these adaptations. :)

  2. I just watched the final movie in the Hunger Games series and loved it. The Harry Potter movies were great as well. I read The Maze Runner earlier this month and just watched the movie, but I disagreed with Flo. The book was definitely better than the movie. I already have the next book in the series ready to read.

  3. I have never read The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants, nut I loived the gurst two movies (were there more?) I liked Perks, but have nit seen the movie yet. :)


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