Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Burn, Rewrite or Reread Tag!

Hey guys! I was tagged by Jessica at Lovin' Los Libros to do the Burn, Rewrite or Reread tag!

The rules:
There are three rounds. Use a random number generator to pick a number and apply that to your read shelf on Goodreads. Then, decide what book you'd burn, rewrite, or reread!
Round 1:
Burn: Companions of the Night 
I don't remember really liking this book. It was just your average vampire story.

Rewrite: The Dead I Know
I enjoyed this one but I found it kind of boring at times. I loved the concept though.

Reread: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I love this book!

Round 2:
Burn: The Body Finder
I'd find it easiest to burn this one since I read it so long ago.

Rewrite: Quarantine: The Loners
I don't remember much about this one so if it was rewritten I wouldn't notice.

Reread: Shiver
This is one of my favorites!

Round 3:
You and Me and Him109138879972882
Burn: Juliet Immortal
I don't mind burning this one even though I loved it because I lent it out and never got it back.

Rewrite: You and Me and Him
I loved this book but I would've rewritten it very slightly to make one of the characters not such an ass.

Reread: The Hunt
I read this one years ago but it's the first book in one of my favorite trilogies!
I tag whoever wants to take part in this!


  1. Did it because it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing the tag :D

  2. I personally didn't like The Body Finder, but even so I like the cover and would find it difficult to burn.
    Interesting reason for burning Juliet Immortal - that would have made me furious!
    I really have to read that book as well as Shiver.

  3. This is a cool tag. I’ve never seen this one before. The only book that I’ve read on here is Miss Peregrine’s Home, but some of the others look interesting.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Yay! I'm glad you did it! I've only read a few of these books, but there are a few on my TBR! So it was neat to see which you'd get rid of! Haha!

  5. Shiver is one of my favorites too! I would've burned The Body Finder as well. I liked the book, but couldn't become invested in the series.


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