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The Designed Blog Tour!

The Designed Tour!

Today I'm part of the Designed Blog Tour brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours!
Displaying Designer.jpgThe Designed by Kate Tailor
(The Designed Series #1)
Published January 26, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Science Fiction

What if the next new drug was you? Raleigh's body produces a drug that could define the future of medicine if the dangerous world surrounding it doesn't kill her first.
Eighteen-year old Raleigh Groves can sense disease in others and is suffering from her own unexplained illness as well. After years and dozens of doctor visits, she has given up hope of ever finding a cure, let alone a diagnosis. Then she meets a man who explains that her talent and curse are linked. Her body produces a drug, Lucidin, which allows her to sense others. She's rare, and the drug she makes is coveted.
Rho has spent the last few years on the run. The Lucidin that is racing through his system makes him a target. Surrounded by addicts and dealers on one side and scientists and doctors on the other, he has to rely on his wits and his team to stay one step ahead. So far he has stayed afloat, but some of his brothers haven't been as lucky.
As Rho and Raleigh collide they must face the perilous world of Lucidin together. Nothing is black-and-white and Raleigh must decide where her alliances lie. Sometimes the hardest heart to sense is your own.

Collin kicked the edge of the building lightly with the tip of his toe. The hard stones didn’t budge from his abuse. Shuffling his feet, he absentmindedly repeated the action with his other foot.
His friends teased that he was in a perpetual state of unrest, and it was true. If Collin was awake, he was moving. It was a nervous habit he‘d acquired years ago...along with another habit that was far more detrimental. He could usually manage his bad habit, but he needed to be in constant motion. These were the only things about him that weren’t under his strict control. His light brown hair was cropped close to his head, framing his stern but forgettable face. Tall and fit, he had broad shoulders and the posture normally displayed by a solider standing at attention. There was a certain honor in the way he held himself, as though he was capable of facing a formidable foe, or above reproach. If he’d been standing outside Buckingham Palace, he may’ve been mistaken for a Queen’s Guard out of uniform. He was a warrior at heart, and the only things that betrayed him today were his unruly feet.
It was cloudless summer evening. The famous London fog that he’d read about was conspicuously absent. However, foreign accents graced his ears, many of the people wore slightly more formal attire than he was used to, and there were weird-looking ducks in the park across the street. Collin was no ornithologist, but he knew that the waterfowl here were different than the wood ducks back home in Wisconsin. But Wisconsin hadn’t been his home for a good while.
Two thoughts occupied him. Thinking of Rho brought Lucid to the forefront of his mind, and vice versa. Worry and guilt were the attendants at this mental tennis match, each giving way to the other as the dueling thoughts volleyed back and forth. Neither emotion was evident on Collin’s face, but they were the driving force behind his antsy feet. The thought he liked to think took precedence was his concern for Rho. They’d been searching for his friend for months, and the search was why they were in London. Collin and Rho had been friends long enough that he listened for Rho’s voice behind him when he walked, and he expected to hear Rho’s witty banter whenever he was being too cynical. The other thought—the one he was trying to suppress—was his craving for Lucid. It was constantly nagging in the back of his mind like irritating white noise, but sometimes it was a cacophony of sound that drowned out everything else.

Displaying Kate.jpg Kate Tailor lives in Boulder, Colorado. She has a background in molecular biology and pharmacology. Writing has been a passion of hers since she was young.

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