Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Favorite TV Shows: Part 3

Today is part three of the "My Favorite TV Shows" series on my blog! Today I'm sharing shows that I'm currently waiting on the next season of, meaning that I'm as caught up as I can possibly be but there's more seasons coming out (or I've not seen the next series because it's not released on instant watch for Netflix).

Parks & Recreation

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I started watching this show because I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and I knew that Chris Pratt was in this, so I immediately started watching it. It was uber hilarious and completely not what I expected! It's definitely my favorite TV show, only second to How I Met Your Mother. Though then again, it could be tied for first... Andy and April were definitely my favorite characters. I just need to watch the very last season!

Orange is the New Black

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I only started watching this show because I had heard really good things about it. I found it to be really interesting, though it's definitely not for everyone. The next season comes out this month and I'm so pumped! Alex is my favorite character, so I'm hoping that there's more of her in season 3.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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This show is so fantastic and funny! I absolutely love the theme song; I laugh every time. Netflix just released 13 episodes for season one and I have to wait a whole other year for the second season!

The Walking Dead

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I feel like just about everyone watches this show too. It's just so great. I really want to give the comics a try sometime soon, because I think I'd enjoy them a lot. Carl and Glenn are my favorite characters, so I really hope that they live until the end.

Downton Abbey

downton abbey spoilers brendan patricks gif
I've been watching this show from pretty early on and I have always loved it! My favorite character is definitely Mary. Edith bothers me a lot for some reason. I just really want the next season to come already, though sadly the next season is going to be the very last season!


anyone know why? maybe it's just for me? gif
I absolutely fell in love with this show on Netflix, and I desperately need more. It's just so unique & one of a kind. I also love how it has some historical elements to it, as it's based on Mary Queen of Scots.

New Girl

i'm not sure what's more fun - the gif
This show is the funniest thing ever. As soon as the next season came on Netflix, I watched every episode. I need more now!

What shows are you desperately waiting on for more episodes?


  1. First of all, YES FOR PARKS AND RECREATION! The happiest show on earth. Even the thought of it makes me smile. I love Andy and April too, though I must say that my favorite couple is Ben and Leslie. Ben's pretty much my dream guy, after Ron Swanson. This show made me desperately fall in love with Nick Offerman.

    I like OITNB too - the beginning of the second season was a bit weak in my opinion, but it got consistently better towards the end. I am really excited for the upcoming season - can't wait!

    Downton Abbey I love whereas Reign did not work for me at all - for me it seemed like Gossip Girl, just in a very loosely accurate historical setting :D And for some reason I could not get used to the use of modern music within the setting.

    YAY for Kimmy Schmidt and New Girl. Have you watched The Mindy Project?

  2. New Girl it is! Can't wait for it!

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  4. I am so waiting for OITNB - I binged the first two seasons last summer. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is on my to watch for this summer. I am desperately waiting for more How to Get Away with Murder! Crazy show!

  5. I'm always waiting for Downton. We really got into Flash this season. Right now we are watching last season's NCIS. Oh, I really got into Forever this year too.

  6. The Walking Dead, yes! You have some great taste in TV, girl! :)

  7. Parks and Rec is amazing:) My all time favorite show;) Ben and Leslie<333

  8. New Girl! That show is so funny! The new season of Pretty Little Liars started yesterday so I can't wait to find out what happens this season! I also love watching The 100!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  9. I love so many of these shows on your list!! I think Downton Abbey and Reign are the only two here I have never seen. New Girl is freaking hilarious.

  10. I absolutely LOVE Regin <3<3
    I fell a bit behind this season though, so I'm not anywhere close to being caught up. I'm planning on having a Reign marathon to watch all this season and get caught up.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

  11. I absolutely LOVE Regin <3<3
    I fell a bit behind this season though, so I'm not anywhere close to being caught up. I'm planning on having a Reign marathon to watch all this season and get caught up.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

  12. I watch every single one of these TV shows except for TWD and OITNB. I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey, and I’m kind of nearly finished with Parks. Unbreakable KS is SOOOOOO GOOD. I only watched 30 Rock after finishing season 1 of UKS cause I needed more of Tina Fey’s genius, haha!

  13. Love these too. Except for Reign and New Girl which I have not yet tried. I'm currently enjoying Inside Amy Schumer.

  14. Good picks. I love Reign and Downton Abbey. Reign is probably my favorite show on TV right now. I love how even though we all know what's going to happen they still find ways to create suspense.

    Jo @


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