Thursday, April 30, 2015

Music Recs: Bastille

Music Recommendations was created so that I can share some of my favorite artists and bands with all of you!

This week, I decided to recommend Bastille!bbc radio 1 big weekend will farquarson gif

I know that many people know about Bastille because of their hit single, Pompeii, but you should definitely check out the rest of their music! They all have a similar feel to Pompeii, so if you really enjoyed that song I highly recommend having a listen to their albums.

I absolutely love the voice of Dan Smith's voice (the lead singer). It's so soft yet I feel that anything he sings would be absolute perfection. Yet again, this is another alternative band rec!

One of my favorite songs by them is Things We Lost in the Fire. My favorite line from it would have to be "I love to read the words you used". It just has so much feeling in it, ya know?

My other favorite song of theirs is Bad Blood, because it has this killer beat. I was so confused by the music video when I first watched it, so I had to watch it probably about 20 times before I got the meaning, but it's still enjoyable to watch.

Are you a fan of Bastille?

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  1. YES. I love Bastille so much! The first song I ever heard of theirs was "Haunt," about a year before "Pompeii" made it big on the radio, and it's still one of my favorites by them. It's incredibly... well, haunting. And beautiful! ♥ "Bad Blood" is also one of my favorites, and so is "Daniel In The Den." So happy to hear someone talking about this band!


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