Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hallowed Radical Read-Along Day 5 Discussion

So, Day 5!

It's so nice of Clara to go with Christian for a bit. She definitely likes him. But oh my gosh she ran away! I definitely think that Clara is falling more for Christian now though she's already with Tucker.

Oh, how I love flashbacks. Jeffrey was so strong as a kid... it's really kind of cool. I'd totally want angel powers, that's for sure.

Her mom died. This makes me feel so sad right now. Her mom was such a cool person!

Oh gosh. Tucker and Christian are fighting. This isn't good.

Not Samjeeza again! For some reason I actually don't mind him... he's kind of a tormented soul.

Poor Tucker. D: I am definitely going to miss him. Clara and Tucker were so cute together.

Favorite Quotes:

“Why do you want me, Christian? I’m hopelessly screwed up.”
“We’re all screwed up. And you look so cute while you’re doing it.

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