Monday, August 12, 2013

Hallowed Radical Read-Along Day 4 Discussion

I think that the reading was pretty good, once again! Here's my thoughts:

I can imagine Clara's dress. I love how she went with Tucker this year. :)

Woah, Jeremy, why did you get drunk and why are your feathers dark? I'm probably just jumping to conclusions but is he part black wing?

What does Samjeeza know about Clara that she doesn't know about herself?

Poor Tucker. :( I like Christian better, but Tucker is so hilarious and he's kind of boring lately.

You go Mr. Phibbs!

I think it's so cool that Christian has this mind reading power thing. He knows what people are feeling and it's just so cool!

Woah, so they're Triplares! This is cool.

Oh, poor Tucker meeting Clara's dad! 

Favorite Quotes:

"The secrets never end."

“Crazy,” Jeffrey says finally. “Iwould have taken him home if you hadn’t stopped me.”

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