Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hallowed Radical Read-Along Day 2 Discussion

YES. Day 2! How did you enjoy the reading?

Here's my thoughts!

I think it's funny that Clara's counselor is telling her to think about the future when she's got loads of time on her hands.

Yes, we got a little insight on Clara's mother's old lives! It's so cool. I have a feeling that she almost married Sam...

Oh my gosh. TUCKER IS MISSING. I hope this is a joke... seriously. Tell me it's April Fools?

Woah... Christian and Clara can talk in their heads. Now that's cool.

Yes, Midas is back! That makes me so happy. Probably makes Tucker really excited!

I didn't think that the sorrow would be hers! That does explain why she feels it all the time though.

This is so cool! It's like a huge angel-blood get together. I'm really excited to find out who else is an angel-blood!

Woah. That's so odd to think that Clara's mom might've actually had many different lives that she's not telling Clara about at all.

I DIDN'T GET TO FINISH THE READING. I'll upload the post once I read it and have time!

"What once was lost, now is found."

"Things have a way of working out like they're supposed to."

"Once again, ladies and gentlemen, my brother and his stomach."

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