Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hallowed Radical Read-Along Day 1 Discussion

Hi guys! How did yesterday's reading go? I was super excited to start reading this book after the ending of Unearthly. I just couldn't wait!

Here's my notes while I was reading:

I feel so bad that Tucker's horse died. It's kind of saddening.

I think it's kind of funny that Christian and Clara have an awkward relationship now.

Tucker and Clara are still together, which makes me SO HAPPY.

Angela's little angel club sounds like such a fun idea. I can't wait to see what they talk about!

UH OH. Who's  going to die? Now I'm a bit freaked out. I'm going to be thinking about this nonstop!

Favorite Quotes
You're crazy, you know that.
Aw, and here I thought I was being sweet and romantic and stuff.

Well that's the thing about summers, isn't it? They have to end sometime.

Or you could make, like, stone tablets or something. Angel Club ten commandments.

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  1. Angel Club is great! I hope we see a lot of them meeting during this book. Angela has done so much research, and Christian probably has a lot of new info for them from his uncle.


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