Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogger Interview with LuluFrancesBooks!

Today marks the kick-off for book blogger interviews in 2013! Today I have Lulu Frances from LuluFrancesBooks!

Lulu originally was posting bookish things at LuluFrancesFashionDot but she decided to start a book blog because she'd like to do more bookish related things. Her new blog is LuluFrancesBooks!

Let us hence forth in our journey! Onto the interview!

1. Hardcover or paperback?
I really buy more paperbacks as they are so much cheaper, but I actually prefer to own hardbacks as they just look so much nicer and, most important: their spines don't get those awful cracks.

2. Book or e-copy?I could neeeeever read ebooks, it just wouldn't feel right. I need a physical copy in my hands. The world is far to electronic anyway ;)

3. Library or book store?I've always owned quite a number of books but was always the total library girl, I used to go there all the time. However, I've started to buy all the books I want recently, because a) my library had a time where they had no decent and new YA books at all and b) I wanted to build up my own "library". Now I tend to use the library again as well, as they really got in some great new titles!

4. New books or used books?I like my books to be pristine, definitely new! Haha just ask people that borrow my books; I always give them instructions on how to take care of the book while reading (my aunt actually made a dust jacket for "The Luxe" when I lent it to her because she didn't want to get in trouble haha...)

5. If you were in a book, which type of character would you be? (EX: hero, villain, sidekick, etc.)I mean, if I had the actual chance I being in a book I'd love to be the main female protagonist ;) I'm thinking Anna and the French Kiss here!

6. Would you want the book you were featured in to be turned into a movie? Who would play you?Well if someone would turn it into a movie, I'd love to be in it myself as I've always dreamt of experiencing life on set :D (don't want to be an actress though!)

7. If you could live in any possible genre, which would you choose and why?I was going to say dystopian as that is my fav genre but then I was like - errrrmh no, maybe not!(Hunger Games anyone? Delirium, where you are forbidden to love? Not my dream world.) Do probably Contemporary. Or one direction fan fiction :D

8. If you could meet any one author, who would you meet any why?Meg Cabot because I love her writing style and she must be hilarious. Or Suzanne Collins I thank her for her amazing books. Oh and Stephanie Perkins, to urge her to write faster and more!

9. If there was a book about your life, what would it be called?Oh my gosh, no clue. Maybe "The life of Lulu" to make it sound super boring :D

10. Which character in a novel that you've read most resembles you and why? Ashleigh in "Enthusiast"!!! I am actually rereading that book right now and I loooove it!
She is just like me in her enthusiastic fangirly ways (well okay maybe she's a bit more OTT than me but yeah). I'm known for my enthusiasm but luckily my friends are used to it by now...

11. How many times have you read your favorite book and will you read it again?
My absolute favourite book is the Bible as I'm a Christian :) I haven't yet managed to get through it completely yet but I'm in the process! My fictional fav book is the Hunger Games series and I've only read it once so far as I don't want to ruin the feeling I had the first time I read it, if that makes sense :)

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out her blogs!

Find Lulu on:

Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Lulu!


  1. hahaa thank you sooo much!!! ;)
    aww so cool :D
    embarassingly I wrote "Enthusiast", when the book's title is actually "Enthusiasm" oh oh :D whatever ;)

    but thanks again for this!God bless you and have a lovely saturday xx

  2. Great interview! I agree about ebooks. Not my favorite way to read at all!

    1. Yeah ebooks are terrible, it just doesn't feel right and not like reading to me!!


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