Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great Expectations (1)

If you've seen my post about what's in store for everyone on the blog, then you most definitely know about this. If you haven't seen the post, here's what Great Expectations is. Great Expectations is going to be a new meme hosted here at Downright Dystopian. I think I'll host it on Thursdays, every other week.

If you'd like to join in on this meme, just please link back to me and leave a link to your post in the comments! I'd love to see what you have to say about it.

Great Expectations will be a weekly meme where you talk about a book that has had a lot of hype. You then proceed to talk about whether you believe it should've had all that hype. After that, you can talk about a recent read that you loved to try to give it some hype.

The Hype

This week, I decided to talk about Wake by Amanda Hocking. I don't know about you guys, but I think that this one had quite a lot of hype. I've heard so many amazing reviews for all of her books, especially the Trylle novels. I went into this one with an open mind. This was actually my first ever mermaid book. I guess it was 2 firsts!

Wake was absolutely amazing. I read it in a day! I just couldn't put it down and I kept wanting to know what decisions were going to be made. I especially loved the whole creepy aspect of the story. It's like you can feel that something is strange but you don't know for sure. I'll definitely be picking up more by Amanda Hocking and for sure will be buying the rest of this series as it comes out! I'll have the review up soon.

Recent Read

I recently read Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde. It's strange, because I never hear much about her books. It was absolutely outstanding. It keeps you guessing as to what the protagonist is going to do next. There were so many twists and turns and I was asking myself, "What is she thinking?" the whole time. I felt that even though many scenes happened repeatedly, I wasn't bored one bit. I can't wait to read more sci-fi novels by her!


  1. Haven't read it but thanks for sharing it! I'm collecting mermaid books for my TBR list! :D


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