Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Runway: Season 10

I am a HUGE Project Runway fan. I just started watching it last year, though I have also watched season 1 & 8 on DVD. Out of the three seasons I've watched, last season was definitely the best. Last year, I was rooting for Josh. His clothes were just so fun and bright. I'm happy for Anya though.

I started watching season 10, and I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to watch more! Last night's episode was y favorite kind of challenge: unconventional. All the designers had to visit Dylan's Candy Bar and find items to use in their design. The idea was to make something out of candy that doesn't look like candy. It had to look professional and neat.

Last night, my favorite was definitely Melissa's. It didn't really look like candy (she used black licorice). It almost looked like leather from afar.

Melissa's Black Licorice Design
 I also liked Dmitry's. He was the only one with a design that had movement, which I greatly appreciated. I loved how his also didn't look like candy. It had these gumballs (at least I think they were gumballs!) that looked just like beads, and I found it amazing.

Dmitry's Gumball Design

Are you a fan of Project Runway? What did you think of last night's episode?

Photo at top was found on Goodreads.
Model photos were found on Lifetime.


  1. Oh my gosh is this the new season? I didn't know it started yet. Running to the DVR now!!!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. Yes, yes it is. This season is so good so far. :)

  2. Project Runway is back for its twelfth season! I'm here to recap the first episode and make my predictions for the top three finalists!
    To kick of the new season, the designers were challenged to create a look using parachutes and supplemental material provided to them in the work room. Designers were instructed to use the supplemental material sparingly; the bulk of the design was supposed to be the parachute material.


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